CPU: IntelCore i5 6500
Memory: 8GB
Graphics Card: RTX 2060
Operating System: Windows 10/64-bit
Storage: 10GB
Dpi: 1920*1080

CPU: IntelCore i3 6300
Memory: 8GB
Graphics Card: RTX 1050
Operating System: Windows 10/64-bit
Storage: 10GB
Dpi: 1920*1080

MetaCene Alpha Test 2 Client

1. This test is an invitation-only test, and only users who have obtained the AlphaTest 2 whitelist can participate. To obtain the whitelist, [join the METACENE community]

2. Your whitelist email can only be used on a single channel, based on the channel selected during the initial game login. For example, if you chose Google login as your first login, you can not subsequently use that email to log in through other channels. Click here for Registration&Login Guide

3. We have prepared event rewards for all players with a total value of $100,000U. You can check the details of the event on the event page.

4. The game will officially launch Alpha Test 2 on November 30. We recommend that you register your account in advance. Pre-registered accounts will receive priority airdrops and rewards.


MetaCene is a post-apocalyptic era since a fatal superstorm froze all creatures instantly and almost wiped out the entire human civilization.

The freezing lasted for almost an eon but the frozen people started resurrecting miraculously.They face a new world where only some mysterious relics remain.

These relics may belong to alien civilizations during the freezing eon.The survivors under MetaCene are fearless and intelligent.They share the strong mission of rebuilding human civilization.They are not intimidated by the mysterious relics,but wish to exploit them on day since these are their only hope to reveal the superstorm that caused their extinction.

During their journey of building a brand new world under MetaCene,the survivors have to re-distribute living resources,re-create civil landmarks,and re-define societal orders.

As the competitions for resources are getting fierce,a rumor states that the relics are full of hidden meteorites.Guilds and their mercenaries start marching toward the relics.Awaiting them are lucrative resources,the potential truth of the superstorm,and unexpected creatures in the dark……

Million-player PVE and PVP combats boosted by NFTs
NFTs with intrinsic, functional, and social values
Tax systems by local DAOs and Guilds on servers
MOD and NFT creation with in-game editors on NFT lands
A thrilling sensation of combat from millions of users; Epic guild battles; Create your own exclusive weapons.
With dual Token Type, users can mine and create in-game assets through mining machines, which can also generate greater revenue for users. Assets include land, real estate, mining machines, and a variety of property props.
Players can create their own DAOs and guilds entirely on the server, creating more tax revenue through a self-governance policy. This is a system with full autonomy.
Players can create new buildings, weapons, costumes, and mods to show to more users through the in-game editing system. Build the whole system through more sharing and co-creation.

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Alan Taam (CEO)
20+years experience in large-scale games
founder @Fenghou Capital
Chairman & CEO @Shanda Games(Nasdaq:GAME,privatized)
Co-founder and President @Shanda Networks(Nasdaq:SNDA,privatized)
Cary Chen(CPO)
20+years experience in the Gaming Industry
The game project leader of many listed game companies
Led the development of several MMO games(e.g.The World of Legend)with million-DAU and a cumulative turnover of $1 BN+ USD
Lion Cheung(Producer)
17+years experience in gaming research and develoment
The main planner of "Imperial Civilization",the R&D director of "Little Ninja",the project manager of the mobile game
"Tai Chi Panda",the producer of "Guan Yunchang" and the producer of "Nine Sun Gods".
The total circulation of issued products exceeds $1 BN+ USD
Last Chan(CDO)
14+years experience in R&D
The main planner and project leader of the famous Chinese MMO "Nine Yin Manual" series
Owen Fung(CTO)
20+years experience in server R&D
The engine leader of Suzhou Snail,the CTO of famous online game projects such as "Nine Yin Manual" and "Navigation Century"
30 years in the Gaming Industry
Founder @Graybeard    |    Ex-CEO @Gazillion
Co-Founder @Flagship Studios    |    Co-Founder @Blizzard north
17 years in the Gameing Industry
Founder @ Giant Games    |    Co-Founder @ Perfect World Entertainment
Ex-VP and GM @ Perfect World    |    Ex-Board Director @ Runic,Double    |    Damage,and Unknown Worlds
Henry Ferr (CMO)
10+ years experience in seasoned marketing
Operations professional in tech and gaming industry, former employee of Tencent & Netease
Deep understanding the Web3 industry and trends
Aided numerous blockchain projects launching on several top 10 platforms (DaoMaker, Gamefi)
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