A3 New Features
About Rangers
Provide a beginner's guide for Rangers. Support cross-chain functionality. Regardless of where users come from, they can possess assets through cross-chain capabilities. Especially for MAN holders who have various rights and interests, they can obtain more economic benefits in-game through cross-chain transactions.
Brand-new Pet Is Here
The adorable and very useful Great River will be making its appearance in this version! Not only is it helpful, it will also be the first robot in the METACENE universe to use and emit magnetism! Usually found emitting magnetic force to levitate beside your character. When something belonging to you drops, it will suck it up and put it in your bag.
Brand-new Benefits
A brand-new benefits gameplay will speed up your character's growth! After eons of evolution, three caves have appeared to the west of Sky Metropolis. They are The Processing Platform that produces Gear Precision materials and GC The Gloomy Mine that produces Ore and Dragonal The Genetic Cellular Lab that produces Character EXP
The Arena's Matching System
Craftsmen have constructed an Arena where Celestials may hone their skills in the second storey of the stunning Skyology Palace. You will be matched automatically regardless of whether you have a party of two, or four.
Ready Player One
METACENE will give out three types of keys (Diamond, Emerald, and Gold) .A key of each type is needed to form a complete set.
With a full set, it can be exchanged for MAN, cece, or NFTs.Follow the specific clues to find out the key!
  • Key collection period: March 4 - April 7
  • Exchange availability: March 20 - April 7
  • All keys are NFTs
Regular acquisition of keys
Wise acquisition of keys
How to play
exchange treasures
Let's share game revenue together! As long as you are an esteemed MAN holder and meet our requirements, we will share 10% of the consumption from all in-game purchases (specific rules as below) with you!
Event Details
Return 10% of the total revenue from in-game consumption during this testing period.
Stake MAN in your guild to unlock a special Boss - the Guild Boss. Earn advanced rewards.
4 precious invitation codes sent out directly!
detailed privileges
I have CeCe Cube I am esteemed
Do you own the esteemed CeCe Cube Exclusive packages
will be prepared for CeCe Cube users in this test.

Exclusive packages of CeCe Cube users

  • Possess exclusive gifts - the chance to obtain NFT, FT,
    advanced weapons, and equipment.
  • 2 precious invitation codes sent out directly!
detailed privileges
Source of 1,000,000
EXP+Drop Rate Event
10% MUD Rebate for Enhancement
Power Rankings
Daily Sign-in
Arena Event
First Boss Defeat on Release
Level Rush Rewards
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Ready Player One
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