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How to Verify
Assets to Obtain Rights
How to
Gift Pack
How to Activation
MAN holders can obtain 4 activation codes. Remember: this includes the activation code used by MAN holders themselves. All users who obtain activation codes need to verify these codes. Each code can only be verified once. Activation address:
CeCe holders can get a gift code and an activation code.Whether it's a gift code or an activation code, verification is needed before entering the game. Each code can only be activated once.
MAN holders gets in-game reward packs directly from the designated NPC after entering the game and off-chaining the MAN card.Please CeCe holders be sure to remember the gift code. This code is not only the credential for logging into the game but also the voucher for receiving the gift pack in the game.
How to Verify Assets to Obtain Rights
After ensuring that the assets are on the mainnet environment, MAN holders and CeCe holders can perform asset verification to ensure receipt of gift codes and activation codes. Visit the verification website, Click “NFT VERIFICATION”
The first asset verification will involve server selection. CeCe holders please note: once the server is determined, it cannot be changed. The obtained gift.
Choose the wallet and log in.
After the wallet is officially logged in, the TOKENID for the corresponding assets will appear.
After clicking OK, the corresponding CODE will appear. Click COPY to directly copy it. If you forget to copy, you can log in again to copy it.
How to Cross-Chain
Open the NFT cross-chain page, click [Connect Wallet] to link your wallet
Choose the wallet you use daily to log in
After logging in successfully, select the source and target chains of the NFT, then choose the NFT item you want to cross-chain and the wallet address to receive the NFT below
After selecting the type, click [Continue] below
Confirm the NFT required for cross-chaining, click [Select] below
After confirming the NFT item required for cross-chaining, click [Approve] below
Click [Transfer] below after confirming again within the wallet
After confirming, click [Confirm Transfer] below, wait for the cross-chain transfer to complete.
Gift Pack Redemption
After MAN holders & CeCe holders enter the game, complete the novice task, and enter the map of Jingniao Town
Click the "MANCARD" button in the upper right corner to reach the NPC for redemption.
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